• Imperishable Good Deeds

    Imperishable Good Deeds

    No one has the market cornered on handing out candy to children on Eid but my good friend Ali always does it in style and more importantly, in memory of his late Mother, who passed the tradition on to him. He's presently away at medical school so this year i attempted to fill his shoes in the 214. I took my boys Ethan and Braeden, who are always open to building and crossing bridges, and also of special note my good friend Zach, who has often earnestly and candidly shared with me his being on the fence regarding his views and feelings about Muslim folks. A lot of people selectively study and speculate but few will leave the comfort of what they know to let direct experience inform their judgments. Not sure what he walked away with but i was most impacted by his demonstration of open mindedness and willingness to search for understanding. The more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. It was also a pleasure to see this and see it inspired by and traceable to the good deeds of Ali's Mother, which thankfully live on and multiply. Lighting up the eyes of children. Broadening the experiences of adolescents. And softening the hearts of men. 

    Eid Mubarak yall.